**NEW** IP Phone Systems

IT Support: (41st Year)

  • Planning, installation, management and on-going support for SOHO business networks.
  • NBN Installs and change overs.
  • Specialising in Windows Server up to 2019,  Windows 10, 8, 7, 98 and older Dos Systems.
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • IP Telephone Systems
  • VMWare Installs, Maintenance and setup.
  • Full Server Builds, Installs, Setups and Management.
  • Microsoft Office installations and setup.
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Cloud Based, Anti Virus, Anti Malware
  • Cloud Based eMail Filtering and email backups
  • Anti virus software, installation and troubleshooting.
  • Disaster recovery management.
  • NBN, ADSL, WAN, VPN and VOIP planning and installations.
  • Domain Registration, Hosting and setups for Webs and email and data Farming.
  • SQL & Access Database programming and web integration.

IT Supplies:

  • PC Upgrades. (Reuse some of your previous investment but get the most out of your hardware)
  • NEW PCs. (SERVERS, Workstations, Home PCs, Multimedia PCs, Thin Clients, OR BUILT TO ORDER)..
  • Laptops (Acer, LG, HP)
  • Printers (Kyocera, Canon, HP, Epson, ETC.)
  • Servers (Acer, QNap Nas Boxes ETC.)
  • Firewalls (Sophos)
  • Networking. (Cisco, Wireless, ADSL, Routers, Network Cards, Switches)