Hosted Exchange

We can now offer Hosted Exchange services, which include:-

Full support for:-
MS Outlook. (Requires Outlook 2007 or newer) ±
IOS. (Apple iPhone and iPad) ±
IMAP. (Mac’s without Outlook) ±
Webmail. ±

All with fully synchronised mail, contacts, calendar  and notes, between devices.


Requires you having your own domain, or you can use my public domain EG.

Cost is $9.90 inc GST for each mailbox, per Month. (Plus set-up fees)

‘CleanMail’, my eMail washing service is also available, in addition to above, for $3.95 per month, per mailbox.
This will strip all mail of known viruses, spam, phishing etc.
(recommended as these threats can ruion your business, if your system gets infected)