Because of a recent Microsoft update, you may be having issues with Outlook, not finding the Exchange Server.

Examples of errors:


See these  articles:-



If your email and password is the same as your Microsoft account, that may be also an issue, and I recommend you change the Microsoft password to something different, if that is a problem, contact me on 0428 45 3339, and I’ll change your email password for you, instead.

You may also need to delete your email settings and re-do them, by going to control panel, go to mail and delete the email profile, when you next start Outlook, it will ask for the email address and password, after you enter, it will set up a new profile.

The registration files mentioned in the above links are in the zip file link below.

This Power Shell script will also clear out the profiles for you.

WARNING, it WILL delete all profiles.

Download below and unzip to desktop to run.


Make sure you run in Power Shell SE, as administrator…

You may also have to add the below to your hosts file.

where <domain>, is your domain name..

# example    autodiscover.<domain>.com.au    <domain>.com.au

This can be removed after a succefull email setup.